About Days R Bright Academy

Quality Over Quantity

Days R Bright Academy made a decision upon its establishment that quality was it’s only priority , second only to safety when it came to education and care of young children. That decision set the foundation for establishing small class room to teacher ratios to ensure every child in our care receives the attention, care and education they deserve.

Learn Through Play

We provide a rich learning environment with curricula that are developmentally appropriate to the specific ages in each classroom. We have a flexible day routine that allows children to advance at their own pace. We strongly believe that learning happens through play. Learning and exploring are hands-on and are facilitated through interest areas. Our program is designed to enhance children’s development in the following areas: creativity, self-expression, decision-making, problem-solving, responsibility, independence, and reasoning. We encourage openness to that which is different from us, and the ability to work and play with others.

Days R Bright Academy, LLC uses the Mother Goose Curriculum with GELDS for lesson planning. We also incorporate activities from Peach and funnydaffer to keep the lessons fun. Our Team creates unique and engaging lesson plans to accommodate the children we serve. As part of this curriculum, we gather information about each child’s developmental abilities using Mother Goose Assessment tools to plan developmentally appropriate activities for children 0-5 twice a year. While evaluating progress we may modify and adjust what we are doing in our classroom to deliver the best individualized instruction for each child. This evaluation is communicated to families periodically during the school year using various formal and informal tools, forms, and resources.

For information about your child’s day, please see copies of daily schedules and lesson plans posted in each classroom.

We Make Your Family a Part of Ours!

Our diverse child care center welcomes all families who want the best for their child and are willing to work as a team with the teachers. We want you to feel confident and excited about the place your child feels home away from home!

Meet Our Owner

Alexis Day is the Owner and Director of Days R Bright Academy. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Xavier University. She is an SBA THRIVE Alumni and Certification as a Safe Sleeping Instructor in Georgia. Her journey in Early Childhood Education began in 2009 as an infant and Toddler Teacher in Ohio. As she grew to love the profession and her impact, she advanced to Director who helped open 2 more ECE establishments alongside the owner.

She moved to Georgia in 2011 and established Days R Bright Academy in 2018. and opened the doors in the middle of summer in 2019. Her goal was to create a unique early learning environment that focused on quality over quantity, individualized education, exceptional care and advanced opportunities for youth and staff development in their own gifts and values to the community.

She has worked alongside the Educators of the Academy to embed a strong positive culture that nurtures the needs and growth of the children, families and employees. Days R Bright Academy under her Direction has remained a Quality Rated Center since 2020.

Days R Bright Academy


To nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship in our children, unlocking the potential of their talents and gifts, creating a warm and supportive environment where both children and educators are encouraged to dream big and pursue their passions.

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