Infant Care in Loganville, GA

We offer a boutique infant program which is only exclusively offered to three infants at a time. We believe in quality over quantity which often means our babies reach development milestones faster. Also, these small group sizes allow for a more individualized care that is special to each infant.

In our infant program, babies will explore and learn in a nurturing, loving environment that provides the warmth and security your little one is used to receiving at home.

Our loving caregivers are focused on the individual needs of your baby. We work with you to stay with existing feeding, playing and sleeping schedules. We’ve also designed our infant nursery to respond to your baby’s energy and curiosity, encouraging and supporting motor skills, language, cognitive skills, and social and emotional development.

While your baby is playing, your little one is also learning. Our infant curriculum is designed to help support your baby’s development of critical skills

Bright Days with Infants

Infants Have Goals Too

Infant Milestones

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